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Drinks Industry & Hospitality Qualifications

National RQF accredited qualifications, which meet the needs of employers and employees to cover the legal compliance surrounding the hospitality and catering industry. These can be booked using our open programme dates or delivered onsite for a minimum of 4 learners. Discounted rates are available for 5 learners plus.

The law for personal license holdersL2 AWARD FOR PERSONAL LICENSE HOLDERS

In accordance with The Licensing Act 2003 (England and Wales), anyone who is responsible for the sale of alcohol to the public must be a Personal Licence Holder. This one day (6 hour) qualification has been designed to enable anyone responsible for the sale of alcohol to the public to become a Personal Licence Holder. Learners are assessed by an examination consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions to be completed in one hour under examination conditions.


Emergency first aid at workThis qualification is suitable for those working in lower-risk work environments, such as offices and shops and/or organisations with fewer than 100 employees. For regulatory purposes, successfully completing this one day (6 hour) programme will enable the candidate to act as a first aider in the workplace. Learners must participate in all three assessment activities, complete a multiple choice test paper and develop a portfolio of evidence to successfully pass.

First aid at work, woman demonstrating first aid on a manL3 AWARD IN FIRST AID AT WORK

The Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work is a two-unit, three-day course that will enable successful candidates to act as a first aider in their workplace. Day two and three build on the information delivered in the one day level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work. The course covers, Unit 1: Emergency First aid in the Workplace and Unit 2: Recognition and Management of Illness and Injury in the Workplace. Assessment is undertaken via practical activities, a portfolio and 2 multiple choice exams.

Safe lifting, showing the correct and wrong way to liftL2 AWARD MANUAL HANDLING PRINCIPLES & PRACTICE

Aimed at those who carry out manual handling at work, provides essential information about manual handling hazards and their control. To provide maximum flexibility this can be delivered as a half day programme for learners who only wish to gain a qualification in the Principles of Manual Handling. Those who need to learn about practical manual handling should stay on for a further half-day session to gain the L2 Award in Manual Handling Principles & Practice.

Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill icons for food safety in cateringL3 AWARD IN SUPERVISING FOOD SAFETY IN CATERING

This 3 day (18hrs) course is relevant to managers and supervisors in small, medium and large catering, manufacturing or retail businesses. Particularly relevant to those have to develop, work with or monitor HACCP based food safety management procedures and systems and will ensure the business meets its legal requirements. Those attending must as a minimum hold a L2 Food Safety Award taken in the last 3 years. Assessment is via a summative multiple choice examination. – L1 & L2 courses are also available.

Health and safety signs in the workplaceL4 AWARD HEALTH & SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE

This qualification is essential for those who monitor and audit health & safety management systems, including business owners, managers and supervisors. This is a 5 day (30 Hrs) programme delivered over a 3 week period which is assessed via both written assignments and an examination. Those attending must hold a L3 Health & Safety in the Workplace qualification as a prerequisite and the syllabus covers areas such as designing safe working practices for the business. – L1, L2 & L3 courses are also available.


This accredited qualification is suitable for learners wishing to improve their knowledge of the importance of customer service including how to satisfy customers’ expectations. It is designed for learners who deal with customers on a daily basis as part of their job role and is applicable to a variety of work environments. Assessed through a portfolio of evidence which is put together during the course and demonstrates the learner has met the required criteria. – L2, L3 & L4 Leadership & Management courses are also available.

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